Current in-house developments

Current in-house developments

XEMC Darwind’s basic design principle is a variable speed, direct drive wind turbine, using a High Voltage Permanent Magnet generator and a four-quadrant power converter.

The advantages of our implemented innovations are quite well known:

  • Variable speed: improved efficiency in the partial load range due to optimal aerodynamic matching of wind speed and rotor speed;
  • Permanent magnet: no energy losses for excitation of the generator, no slip ring required for excitation;
  • High voltage generator: lower cable losses and extended cable twist range;
  • Four quadrant power converter: good conformity to grid codes due to grid support with reactive power and excellent Low Voltage Ride Through behaviour.

XEMC Darwind is currently working on the following innovations:

  • Design of new types of segmented multi-MW generators using concentrated windings. This type of generator is easily transportable and can be easy assembled on-site.
  • Island operation mode (patent). By making the operation of turbines independent from the availability of a grid, enormous amounts of diesel fuel needed for auxiliary power of an (off)shore wind farm can be saved when there are problems with the export cable. In case of a grid loss, a single turbine can provide power to the rest of the array to load the UPS systems of the other turbines. A single turbine can also be able to generate power to keep its own UPS systems up.
  • Individual pitch control IPC. By pitching blades individually rather than collectively, mechanical loads on the structure are reduced, enabling larger rotor diameters, longer lifetime or lighter constructions.
  • LiDAR based feed forward control. Investigation of benefits of using LiDAR based feed forward control algorithms for load reduction, power optimization and yaw alignment.
  • Hybrid Towers. Concrete in combination with tubular steel segments for hub heights up to 140 meter.
  • Larger Rotor Diameters.

In several of these projects we cooperate with universities, research institutes and industrial suppliers.

Offshore windturbines
Offshore windturbines
XD115 5MW Direct drive windturbine

This is Darwind's offshore dedicated 5MW direct drive wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 115m.

XE128 5MW Direct drive windturbine

Darwind's offshore dedicated 5MW wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 128m for medium wind speed sites

Onshore Windturbines
Onshore Windturbines
XD140-4MW Direct drive windturbine

With a 140m rotor and 4MW nominal output the XD140 is Darwind's choice for medium windspeed locations.

XE93-2MW Direct drive windturbine

The XE93 is ideal for low wind speed locations. Its sealed design makes it optimal in even the harshest environments.

Current in-house develoments

Find out what our innovations are, what Darwind has developed and is currently working on.