Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision XEMC Darwind 


Deliver a reliable independent renewable energy source for end users at competitive cost.


Be an engineering entity and European representative for parent company XEMC Windpower Co. Ltd. by:

  • Build out an onshore market position, based on the developed and certified offshore turbine XD115-5MW, wind class 1, and the earlier developed 2 MW XE series;
  • Continue developing product improvements to ensure and improve a cost effective solution (Capex and Opex) for our customers;
  • Continue expanding the product platform for other wind climates (II and III) resulting in products with larger rotor diameters;
  • Optimize products for different hub heights, enabling an optimal solution for different projects;
  • Continue the offshore turbine developments taking into account the demand for acceptable costs of energy for the offshore wind power plants.
Offshore windturbines
Offshore windturbines
XD115 5MW Direct drive windturbine

This is Darwind's offshore dedicated 5MW direct drive wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 115m.

XE128 5MW Direct drive windturbine

Darwind's offshore dedicated 5MW wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 128m for medium wind speed sites

Onshore Windturbines
Onshore Windturbines
XD140-4MW Direct drive windturbine

With a 140m rotor and 4MW nominal output the XD140 is Darwind's choice for medium windspeed locations.

XE93-2MW Direct drive windturbine

The XE93 is ideal for low wind speed locations. Its sealed design makes it optimal in even the harshest environments.

Current in-house develoments

Find out what our innovations are, what Darwind has developed and is currently working on.