Creating local employment

Co-operation with universities

In order to achieve our goal of providing our customers with state of the art wind turbine technology XEMC Darwind has close ties with Universities and Institutions of higher technical learning.

XEMC Darwind welcomes such close (scientific) cooperation and wishes to extend its network in this area as well. Preliminary studies in various regions, both inside the Netherlands and in other parts of Europe, have indicated that many high value added fulltime jobs can be created, many of which are sustainable and/or applicable to filling positions within other industries.

Offshore windturbines
Offshore windturbines
XD115 5MW Direct drive windturbine

This is Darwind's offshore dedicated 5MW direct drive wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 115m.

XE128 5MW Direct drive windturbine

Darwind's offshore dedicated 5MW wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 128m for medium wind speed sites

Onshore Windturbines
Onshore Windturbines
XD140-4MW Direct drive windturbine

With a 140m rotor and 4MW nominal output the XD140 is Darwind's choice for medium windspeed locations.

XE93-2MW Direct drive windturbine

The XE93 is ideal for low wind speed locations. Its sealed design makes it optimal in even the harshest environments.

Current in-house develoments

Find out what our innovations are, what Darwind has developed and is currently working on.